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Mechanical Ultraonic Cleaner
Ultrasonic small cleaner,Ultrasonic table cleaner,Jewelry cleaner ,for cleaning electronic components,watches,automobile parts etc.
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Mechanical Ultraonic Cleaner

Mechanical Ultraonic Cleaner
Ultrasonic cleaner,ultrasonic cleaning equipment,ultrasonic equipment,ultrasonic table cleaner,ultrasonic Jewelry cleaner ,digital ultrasonic cleaner,Mechnical ultrasonic cleaner,
1,one piece main machine 2. one piece soundproof lid 3, power supply wire  4.one piece mesh basket (optional) 5.one piece mesh (for outflow function)
Service line,electron line,medicament line,laboratory,machine line,horniness alloy line,chemistry line,etc
1,unpack the packing and check if any part get loose.
2,keep the cleaner under ventilated and dry condition,place it flatly.
3, make sure the plug connection is correct and firm.(Use triplex glug and earth connection is required and safer.)
4,It’s optional to add certain amount of detergrent when needed
Model Tank Size Unit Size Volume Ultrasonic Power Ultrasonic Frequency Heating Power Timer Heating Temperature
L x W x H(mm) L x W x H(mm) (L) (W) (KHz) (W) (MIN) (℃)
UCE103H 150x140x65 190x170x185 1.3 50 40 100 1-99 0-80
UCE002H 150x140x100 190x170x220 2 50 100 1-99 0-80
UCE003H 240x140x100 270x170x240 3 100 100 1-99 0-80
UCE006H 300x155x150 330x180x310 6 150 300 1-99 0-80
UCE009H 300x240x150 330x270x310 9 200 300 1-99 0-80
UCE010H 505x135x150 530x165x310 10 200 400 1-99 0-80
UCE013H 355x325x150 360x330x310 13 300 400 1-99 0-80
UCE020H 530x325x150 550x330x310 20 400 500 1-99 0-80
UCE027H 530x325x200 550x330x360 27 500 500 1-99 0-80
Mechanical Ultraonic Cleaner
1.fill stainless steel tank with water
2.plug the cleaner into grounded outlet
3.press the “TIMER △”key for setting 1-99 min working time.press “TIMER▽”for reduce the time continuous.during working,you will hear the “sizzling”voice,the means the cleaner running properly.(do not run the cleaner continuously more than one hour at one time)
1.set temperature (if have):press “heating △”key for setting temperature 0C-80C,press the “TEMPERATURE ▽”key for reduce temperature.
2.then press the “heating”button to “ON”begln to heat.
1.press”ultrasonic”button to “OFF”,the cleaner will stops working,indicator light turn off.and then disconnect the power supply.
2,press”heating”button to “OFF”,the heating function will stop.
3,empty the tank and clean both the outside and inside of the cleaner with clean and dry cloth for next use.

⊿always unplug and empty the cleaner after using
⊿remove the contaminants with moist cloth and water for the tank
⊿wipe the covering with dry towel.
Before using your ultrasonic cleaner,please read and thoroughly understand these safety precautions.Failure to follow them may result in serious personal injury  or property damage.
Do unplug from power source before filling or emptying the tank
Do keep the control panel and the area around the cleaner clean and dry wipe up solution which spills over the tank brim.water and high voltage can cause electrical shock
Do not operate the cleaner without proper grounding.
Do not remove the grounding prong on the line cord plug
Do not operate the cleaner dry

1,while the machine is working normally,ultrasonic and tank syntony gives a well-proportioned sound,and no shudder on the surface of the water,yet there is spray made by the tiny bubbles.if there are discontinuous surges,please ad or release a little of washing solution in the tank,stopping the surges is good for cleaning the objects.

2,on the condition of make sure the cleaning object is cleaned,please run the machine discontinuously as far as possible (not more than 30min),for long time running causes temperature increment of the case,and speed up the aging of the electronic devices.

3, Flammable cleaning solution is forbidden

4,Do not star the heater nor ultrasonic while the tank is empty

5,do not start the heater nor ultrasonic while the tank is empty

6,prevent water or cleaning liquid from spattering into the case or shaker

7,when something is dropped into the tank carelessly,take it out immediately.

8,make sure the washing liquid is not hot,and turn the ultrasonic off and pull out the plug,while changing or
Emptying the tank,

9,clean the dirt in the tank after using.

10,keep the surface of the machine clean

When the machine is broken or the ultrasonic weakens,it may be caused by above reason,please stop operating the machine
And contact maintenance staff.
Mechanical Ultraonic Cleaner
Mechanical Ultraonic Cleaner
Mechanical Ultraonic Cleaner
Mechanical Ultraonic Cleaner
Mechanical Ultraonic Cleaner
Mechanical Ultraonic Cleaner
Mechanical Ultraonic Cleaner
Don’t plug in the machine with empty tank-be sure to fill in proper amount of liquid before plug in the machine.otherwire,the heater could be damaged
Never run the machine with low level of liquid to avoid damaging ultrasonic transducer and heating.

Please note that when you run heater,the liquid in the tank could vapor in the long time period,please keep[ watching the level of the liquid in the tank
Washing liquid spatters into the shaker results in creepage and short circuit,and burn the wafer as well

Electrical abnormity will burn the transistor

High voltage brings damages to the circuit and indicating lights etc.
△warning Any parts is likely to loose during washing process.do not put fabric products,leathern products,wooden products into tank
Do not put cell phone and unwaterproof into tank
Do not put glass frame which are made of shell,hawksbill or craftwork into tank

Payment terms:
Prepaid by Bank/ Paypal/ Western union are acceptable
Shipping Indications:
HKDHL: 3-7days
Chinaair post (within 2Kg): 15-18days
ChinaPost Air Paracel: 35-60days (above 2kg)

Shipping Address:
If your shipping address is no register at Paypal or you paid us by bank,please feel free email to us uce@ultra-piezo.com  for address & phone &receipt name in detail to assure the material will be arrived you in time and safely,we count on your cooperation.

Products Warranty:
The material which we sales will be for one year free maintain if caused by quality itself problem,and to sure operation in correct methods.

If the products damaged owing to your uncorrected use,we will refuse the returned and will be required charge for maintain or replace,please understand.

Don’t mail anything back to us before without any communication with our service,thank you!
Mechanical Ultraonic Cleaner
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